10 Alternative Holiday Ideas for Schoolies Week

10 Alternative Holiday Ideas for Schoolies Week

Schoolies is an amazing hour for every student eventually graduating high school after 12 long years. The teenagers deserve to kick their feet up and have a splendid meter. Even though the Gold Coast has been by far the most popular region to celebrate Schoolies Week in past years, there are other arranges that school graduates can go and enjoy their well deserved week of fun.

For me personally, I knew the best of both macrocosms as I depleted half of my schoolies week tenting with teammates, and the other half partying on the beach at the Gold coast, it was amazing!

So here are some brilliant alternative ideas to consider for your Schoolies Week…

Book a Contiki Tour

Why a Contiki Tour? it has EVERYTHING included, breakfast, dinner, housing and hasten. Plus they have trip-up directors, drivers and local steers that will help you if you get stuck! You literally pay for your week and everything is organised! you turn up with your luggage parcelled and off you go for a excellent week of entertaining. They have onus of tours available including 😛 TAGEND

They have loads of expeditions available depending on what your hasten form is. They furnish tenting, high-pitched vigour, skippering and cruising, ski vacations, carnivals and explorer packages.

Download a photocopy of their folder here to check out all their options.

Travel Europe, America or stay in Australia and suffer the beaches and undergrowth, if I had known about Contiki Tours my gosh I would’ve gone on one! Good of all they are all strategy and “youve been” spending time with other persons of same age that will keep an eye on you( without cramping your wording !).

Perhaps A Schoolies Cruise?

Head to tropical islands or across the continent, there are so many different cruises to extend wherever you require! and once again everything is included, dinners, housing and tour. Stop off at all sorts of ends and party on the sail, there are even particular sails just for schoolies week, do rubs, sunbathed bathe by the ponds, defendant at night under the stars and sight ensure across the world.

Massages Sun Bath by the Pools Party at night under the stars Sight check across the world Hurtle up the Australian Coast Visit Tropical Islands

For 16 to 18 years old’s this is a great alternative hypothesi for something even as exciting as partying at the Gold Coast if not better, and wander with all of your friends while remained in virtuoso rated accommodation.

There are so many different Schoolies Cruises, leaving from various ports all regions of the country. Try now to find one that clothings you!

Camping for Schoolies

Head to the bush or sea or maybe both! Camping can be such a great option to really spend time with friends before you are required to front into the real world. There are so many alternatives when it be coming home with camping with as many friends as you demand and for a cheaper expenditure for a whole week.

4×4 Tracks Hiking Beach junkets Fishing Camp fuels

You can travel to any part of Australia , north or south and camp along the coasts or up in the mountains, so many huge themes with great friends.

A immense place to find tenting distinguishes are 😛 TAGEND

Find a Camp Australian Geographic Explore Australia Free Camping Australia

Take an Old Fashioned Road Trip

Go on a street jaunt! There are so many huge ends in Australia whether you want to stop by and part and Byron bay or foreman to the Glasshouse Mountains, either way, hasten up and down the coasts or principal inland to our beautiful thicket, view Australia’s iconic tourist attractions.

Coastal Sight Seeing Inland Tourist Attractions Stay at several ends Scenery safaruss Camping Backpackers 4×4 to Cape York

Take a couple of cars, permutation motorists and trip with your best friends, I personally think it sounds great and all the while understanding so many different places throughout the entire week!

Travel To Bali

Bonvoyage offers boxes for anniversaries over to Bali with multiple hotels, recourses and destinations. It would be amazing to travelling with acquaintances and explore the elegance of Bali. Plus it is cheap as chips!

Flight included considers 5- 7 light cartons Resorts Breakfast Buffet daily Tours

Bali holds schoolies episodes so do some research and find the excellent adaptation for you and your friends!

Our Pick 😛 TAGEND Vinila Nusa Dua villas

Live the life of luxury in a private kitty villa in Nusa Dua, Bali- four parties abide five darkness from $2,499 with a remarkable packet of inclusions, or upgrade to extend!

Private Pool Villa Bliss with Two Daily Meals & More Image 10

Volunteer Overseas Schoolies Project

Volunteer overseas! Travel across the south pacific while making a difference and enjoying an adventure. Trip to Sri-Lanka, somoa or other sits on offer to volunteer in all sorts of different situations.

Our Pick 😛 TAGEND Alternative Schoolies Volunteer Campaign Overseas

Typically the groups are made up of 5-10 young people looking for a useful, fun and unique Schoolies experience. It’s a very social home, so whether you meet by yourself or with friends, you’re bound to spawn a link with others that will last a lifetime. There are two laid start appointments: 18 th November and 25 th November; you can join development projects for two or three weeks. You’ll have the chance to get involved in new and exciting programmes- arraying from Care and Teaching placements, to Building, Healthcare and Conservation work. The programmes are incredibly diverse and will give you the chance to work with people from a range of backgrounds. You’ll likewise have the nights and weekends to explore; you might find yourself lazing on Samoa’s grey sandy coastline or trekking through the luxuriant dark-green tea plantations in Sri Lanka’s hill country.

Projects Abroad Care and Community volunteer reads to the children at her placement in Sri Lanka

Trek to the Everest Base Camp

Organise the outing of a lifetime with your academy mates! This type of journey is excellent for the adventurous school leaver that craves remembrances to last a lifetime.

Our Pick 😛 TAGEND 15-day Everest Base Camp Trek

Take an extraordinary 15 -day Everest Base Camp Trek to reach heights of up to 5,545 m! Includes domestic flights, accommodation and much more- from $899 per person, twin share!

Take on the ultimate defy with our incredible Everest Base Camp Trek! Over 15 astonishing dates, you’ll climb up to heights of 5, 545 m above sea level to witness seeings and know-hows that countless is simply dream of Move your trek as cozy as possible with a huge pack of inclusions- we’ve “ve thought about” almost everything!

Grab the deal HERE !


Book a Beach House

Oh yes! Booking a coast house will be amazing! waking up in a beautiful villa with all of your best teammates and moving along the coast and tightening by the beach.

Our Pick 😛 TAGEND Breakaway to Busselton in Geographe Bay, WA

Leave the world behind and hug the breathtaking bush trails, lazy beach walks, rustic cellar doors and quiet country township of the Margaret River region! Parcel your suitcases for a two-bedroom villa and enjoy a bottle of wine-colored, mini golf and tennis equipment hire, discount to Yallingup Maze, in-room Wi-Fi, snoozy 12 pm check-out, inexhaustible video hire, suitcase of popcorn and bottle of soft drink to keep you fellowship during your adventure away!

Unlimited video hire with a pouch of popcorn and 1.5 -litre soft drink Mini golf and tennis paraphernalium hire 12pm late check-out In-room Wi-Fi

Grab the deal HERE !

Breakaway to Busselton in Geographe Bay, WA Image 1

Do the Full European Tour with Your Mates

There isn’t a better time to travel the world then when you are young, foot-loose and fancy free. So why not tour across Europe! there are so many beautiful sees to experience throughout the continent, Imagine the experience with all of your best friends!

Our Pick 😛 TAGEND 21 Day Europe Discovery Package

21-day Europe Discovery tour package- with return international flights- to Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Germany, London and more. Stay in hotels and immerse yourself in Europe’s magnificent autobiographies and cultures.

Discover one of the world’s most beautiful and storied continents on a marvellous 21 -day tour bundle, taking you across compositions of countries and the thousands of unique suffers you’re sure never to forget Fly return from the capital city of your pick- Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide And prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime- London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, and much, much more All helped by a stellar timetable and comfortable, comfortable hotel accommodation for your entire safarus

Grab the cope HERE !

rome trip

Travel to New Zealand

Don’t want to travel to far form dwelling? New Zealand is perfect! merely a 3 hour flight from the Australian seashore leader to Queenstown for the purposes of an activity backpack adventure celebration!

Our pick 😛 TAGEND Luxury Stay at Oaks Club Resort in Queenstown, NZ

Discover Queenstown, New Zealand, from the consolation of a luxurious base at Oaks Club Resort! Stay three lights from $539, or upgrade to extend!

Offering a comfortable cornerstone from which to explore the exciting, action-packed Queenstown part, Oaks Club Resort is an ideal select for travellers! Devote your daylights going amongst all that the fussing metropolitan has to offer, then come home to experience under floor heating, fireplaces, an on-site sauna and more in the serene encircles From your self-contained suite, an on-site gym, landscaped quadrangle with BBQ facilities, underground parking, complimentary metropolitan shuttle bus service and more, you’ll miss for nothing during your epic New Zealand flee

Grab the bargain HERE !

Luxury Stay at Oaks Club Resort in Queenstown, NZ Image 4

Read more: stayathomemum.com.au

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