18 brilliant ways to save money on travel from people who do it all the time

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We all want to figure out how to take our dream vacations without spending a fortune.

INSIDER spoke to seven people who travel constantly — and often make a living from it — to learn their best money-saving travel hacks.

To travel as cheaply as possible, you need to be flexible, not afraid of negotiating prices, and aware of the little-known websites and hacks that can save you major cash. 

Here are 18 tips for traveling on the cheap — from people who do it all the time.

1. Look for flights on a private browser tab.
Photo courtesy of Gloria Atanmo

“One of the easiest and most-effective ways to save money on flight tickets is to search in a private or incognito browser,” Gloria Atanmo, a travel blogger and self-described adventure junkie at The Blog Abroad, told INSIDER. “Not only that, but by changing your country of origin to a developing nation, but keeping the prices in your currency of choice, it also allows you to save up to hundreds of dollars on your ticket.”

The price of your flight ticket actually depends on the strength of your local currency, Atanmo explained. So by pretending to be in a country with a weaker currency, you can book a flight for much cheaper than in countries such as the US, the UK, or Australia.

According to a 2018 study by CheapAir.com, the best time to book your flights is between three weeks and four months before your trip and Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly.


2. Score cheap one-way tickets by using airport hub pricing.

“Flights in and out of major airport hubs, such as Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, or Newark are more expensive, so if you’re flying to a hub city, one way to save big is by buying a ticket to a nearby city with a connection in the hub,” Janet Alvarez, editor of personal finance site Wise Bread, told INSIDER.

“For example, if you want to fly to United’s hub of Houston, buy airfare to nearby Austin, instead. The airline will route you via Houston, anyhow to a connecting flight, so just get off in Houston and ignore the segment to Austin.”

Unfortunately, this only works on one-way flights and if you’re not checking any bags, Alvarez said.

“Savings can be hundreds of dollars easily,” she said. “Skiplagged is a wonderful resource to search for such flight routings.”

3. Book a last-minute cruise for a surprisingly cheap vacation.

“Unlike air travel, cruises are often cheapest when purchased last-minute,” Alvarez said. “This is a particularly great option for longer cruises, such as Trans-Atlantic’s; I was able to sail from Miami to Barcelona for $299 last minute.”

Cruises also include meals and entertainment, making them an even better deal when compared to airfare plus meals and hotels, Alvarez said.


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