Aircraft Charter Companies

Aircraft Charter Companies


When you’re interested in flying in privacy and style, a private jet can get you from one place to another quickly, in the utmost of luxury, and can even place you only minutes from your destination thanks to the thousands of municipal airports available. Flying a business jet isn’t an experience only for those who own their own jets. There are many options available to individuals and companies interested in chartering a private aircraft.

Chartering a Private Jet

Aircraft charter companies offer the luxury of a bizjet for anyone interested in arranging a flight. These companies are based all over the world, and have operations out of any feasible destination. Flight operations aren’t limited to major airports. Private planes, in most cases, are much smaller than full-size jet liners. This means your private jet can arrive in just about any city or town with a municipal airport. This freedom gives you flexibility with flight arrangements and opens opportunities for your business and travel you might not have ever considered.

Aircraft Charter Options

You have more options chartering a private aircraft than you do on a commercial flight. The size of the jets ranges from very light jets with seating for 3-6 passengers to full-size aircrafts that can carry hundreds across the globe. Not only are you able to decide the size of the jet you charter, you can also decide how to charter it.

Traditional Charter

A traditional charter gives you freedom and flexibility to fly anywhere at anytime. You can arrange a plane to carry you to and from multiple destinations in a single day to accommodate meetings and other business needs. You can fly alone or with your team, and you’ll be able to work in privacy. Many of the midsize and larger jets also provide working and seating accommodations to facilitate teams and projects while in flight.

Empty Leg Charter

The same benefits are true of empty leg charters. When a traditional charter takes a plane from one location to another, the plane must return to its origin whether it carries passengers or not. If you happen to be traveling the same route as an empty plane, you can arrange a private jet flight for far less than a standard charter. The aircraft companies offer these discounted empty leg rates to offset the costs of the otherwise empty flight.

Private Jet Charter Companies

There are many companies offering private aircraft charters. Like all airline companies, there are differences between offerings. Research each to learn which company is the best fit for your needs. Notable aircraft charter companies include: