Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan: Opportunities for Recruitment in South Asia

Deepti Mani, Research Associate, World Education Services In have responded to declining international student enrollments on college campuses in the United States, higher education institutions are recognizing the need to identify brand-new recruitment possibilities. Four countries in South Asia–Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan–are worth a closer ogle. All four have transmitted growing number of […]

5 Tips To Revolutionize Mobile Marketing In Travel & Hospitality

One of the most challenging thoughts you face as a someone with a business in the hospitality or movement industry is coming find before your adversaries so that prospective travelers diary their travel plans with you. Most people who book travel plans do so on their mobile machine, 51 percent actually, and that percentage is […]

Top Seven Carnival Cruise Line Ships for First-Time Cruisers

The top tip for having the perfect vacation is to choose the right cruise liner for your first sail. Just as the committee is’ personalities’ for wander ends( thoughts Las Vegas versus Washington, DC ), every send has atmosphere and reputation that cater to the passengers. Now are the 7 top-rated carries with Carnival Cruise […]

World’s Top 10 Beaches that are Known for Some Unique Reasons

Hold your breather and gear up with your phone cameras, dslr, gopro or hum to as we’re going to take you on a virtual safarus to some outlandish coasts in this macrocosm whatever it is you get to witness pink beach, bioluminescent planktons, bowling balls, violet beach, and even vanishing ocean. Be urged! You’re Instagram […]

What Makes Hong Kong & Macau Such Special Destinations for MICE Tourism?

Both Hong Kong and Macau have a good rapport with the travellers from around the world as for them the two destinations have know-hows packed like sardines. Nonetheless, these twinned metropolis connected by a impressive ferry journey have lately fastened top ranks as the most preferred MICE ends in Asia. Hong Kong’s robust economy and […]

Top 10 Beaches Near Bangalore

In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 beaches near Bangalore. They all have something large and shocking to offering. Do not forget to visit them if you are planning a quick getaway in the near future. 1. Bekal Beach Photo by Soman, CC BY-SA 3.0 Being the abode of Bekal Fort, this beach […]

The 13 best places to visit in October for every type of traveler

Samantha Lee/ Business Insider To find the best lieu to tour in October 2018, Business Insider looked at climate data, cultural schedules, and top travelling seasons. October is shoulder season for numerous top tourism destinations, and savvy travelers are already contriving their excursions. The good places to visit in October include the recurred city of […]

12 Amazing Places To Visit in Nepal

From mystic synagogues to wonderful elevation villages, “there dont” scarcity of beautiful locates to visit in Nepal. Lodged between the great batches of India and China, the little Himalayan nation may be small in comparison. Nonetheless, its stunning scenery challengers that in the larger countries. The country is home to some of the world’s highest […]

How to Plan Your Dream USA Trip of a Lifetime (in 11 steps)

Have you been reverie about a USA trip? This pole is for you! We have visited the United States many times and have lived here for five years. We enjoy hastening in the USA and sharing our professional tips-off to cure others. In this upright we’ll help you plan and preparations for your own journey […]

10 Alternative Holiday Ideas for Schoolies Week

10 Alternative Holiday Ideas for Schoolies Week Schoolies is an amazing hour for every student eventually graduating high school after 12 long years. The teenagers deserve to kick their feet up and have a splendid meter. Even though the Gold Coast has been by far the most popular region to celebrate Schoolies Week in past […]

These Are The 8 Most Photogenic Cities In The US. Do You Agree?

So we made a list (and checked it twice) and decided these are the 8 most photogenic cities in the US. Of course, like anything subjective, this is up for debate and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. So why pick US cities, well, the United States is one of the […]

Need Blogging Inspiration? Here Are 5 Effective Ways to Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing

Do you struggle with generating new ideas for your blog articles? Here is a list of helpful ideas to get the juices flowing! One of the greatest things about blogging is that you can let your creativity run free. You can take about anything you want, with no rules and no boundaries to stifle your […]

Cleveland Mounts Global Triennial But Local Artists Are Largely Overlooked

Clevelanders of all ages enjoying themselves at “Judy’s Hand Pavilion” (2018) by artist Tony Tasset for FRONT International. (all images by the author for Hyperallergic) CLEVELAND, Ohio — The inaugural FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art is described by founder Fred Bidwell as an all-out effort to put Cleveland on the radar as an […]

Hidden Business Gems for Every Entrepreneur

As a prospective buyer, some potentially lucrative business options are obvious. Hotels, restaurants and retail shops are always popular choices, but some of the best opportunities aren’t as well-known. Explore these hidden gem business opportunities that every entrepreneur should know about. RV parks in Florida RVs are synonymous with snowbirds, and Florida is booming with […]

Spiti – A World in Itself

The blog is contributed by one of our readers Palak Checker who had recently visited Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, known for its surreal landscape, unparalleled tranquillity, and ample adventure activities. The blog takes us on a sojourn of somewhere extraordinary and indeed compels us to plan a trip as soon as possible. Mountains are […]

How To Travel The World For a Year On Just $5,000

Back in 2008 when we quit our jobs and started travelling full-time, we saved around $30,000 USD between us because we were able to sell a house, a car and our belongings. On top of that, we were able to work overtime and were lucky to have well paid jobs. But not everyone has the […]

The Best Sapa Trekking 2 Days Tour

Sapa is a poetic land, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam. No matter what season you come in, Sapa also has its own attractive beauty. If you have the chance to immerse the picture of cascading rice paddies, majestically green plains, and towering mountaintops, you will surely be amazed at this […]

On the Road to Mandalay – The Perfect Irrawaddy River Cruise

Ever since Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem “Mandalay”, Burma (or Myanmar as it is called today) has been synonymous with Eastern mystique in Western literature. Romanticized as a place of exotic beauty, as well as honest and affable people, this fiction is not too far from reality. Despite a tumultuous political climate, Myanmar remains a relatively […]

A Scenic Weekend Travel Itinerary For Northern Ireland

Our last holiday as residents of the UK – ironically, I found choosing a destination for this trip as difficult as our very first. With so many places still unseen, I felt overwhelmed with choices. Wherever we chose needed to be special. Not necessarily elaborate or expensive, but certainly memorable. I’m sure a lot of […]

Colorado resorts become leaders of sustainability in the ski industry

Featured Image: Jason Lombard/Wolf Creek Ski Area After Vail Resorts made a very epic, and public, promise last year, its flagship mountain is the first resort in the United States–and more impressively, the first mountain resort in the world–to earn the “sustainable destination” certification. This also makes Vail Mountain the first destination in the world […]

中国游客 Zhōngguó Yóukè (The Chinese Tourist) – The New Opportunity for Hotels in the Pacific Northwest

120 million travelers from China went overseas in 2015, according to statistics from the China National Administration of Tourism. This number puts China at the top of the list of countries of origin for international travelers around the world. As one of the largest growing demographics of international tourists, Chinese travelers spent $194 billion last […]

50 Visa Free Countries For Travellers & Digital Nomads

This is the ultimate list of visa free countries for backpackers, travellers, digital nomads and remote workers. I’ve created this list because we know how frustrating visa research can be. You’ve chosen the perfect travel destination and started to plan and prepare for an epic trip. But, in many places in the world, you can’t […]

Discovering the Greek Islands One by One

Europe consists of lots of countries and cities, some very small and some quite big. Almost all of these can be easily reached by train with a Eurail Pass, but what people might forget is that Europe also offers lots of beautiful islands which are also definitely worth a visit. Greece is a beautiful country […]

Real Bride Diary: How We’re Bucking Wedding Traditions

“I didn’t know I was marrying a hippy” grinned Jack at one of my latest wedding ideas. Given the long list of untraditional plans, I can’t quite remember which idea it was – maybe the “everyone stands ceremony” proposal or the “hey, what if we ditched the entire schedule” campaign. Photo by Vanessa & Ivo […]

According to a Recent Study/Survey … Mid-July 2018 Edition

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine’s “According to …” research roundup features the reasons why people do and don’t dine out, digital and loyalty trends from Tillster, hot dog on the menu, pizza and a movie and Millennial vs. Gen Z trends.  The Why? Behind The Dine Across the U.S., 85 percent of diners decide what to eat for […]

Asking for this one thing at check-in could mean your suitcase arrives first at baggage claim

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images Summer is officially here, meaning many people are packing their bags to jet off to warmer climates.  Everyone dreads the idea of their bags getting lost in transit and being caught short at the start of their holiday. Simply placing a ‘fragile’ sticker on one of your suitcases can help, according to […]

VIDEO: The Zenith Defy El Primero 21 – a cutting-edge chronograph

Earlier this week we had a look at Zenith’s entry point into the Defy family, the solid-dialled Defy Classic. Well, today we’re going to kick it up a notch with something the brand is particularly famous for — a chronograph. And not just any chrono, but the Defy El Primero 21, a watch that marries the […]

Why Select Pakistan As Your Holiday Destination this Year

Pakistan is a multi-cultural country in South Asia, owing to its diverse topography mountains, plains, and plateaus. Some of the highest and most dangerous peaks in the world are situated here, so it is a hot destination for trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers. However, the country has a lot more to offer than just impressive landscapes. […]

The 19 coolest, most overlooked places for a summer holiday in Europe

Flickr/Christoph Sammer Globetrotters are always looking for new, under-the-radar travel destinations that provide a chance to escape the crowds and sea of selfie sticks.  As summer kicks off, Business Insider asked friends, colleagues, and some of the world’s top travel experts for their favourite — and most overlooked — European destinations that can be seen […]

Growing the Industry by Funding More Research

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our next post featuring four insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to collaborate! Collaborata Featured Project #1: […]

Why Shenzhen needs to be on your 2018 China travel list

Shenzhen, in southern China, has evolved into a worthy travel destination for lovers of art, architecture, craft beer and quirky theme parks. Read more:

Selling Physical Products with a 100% Remote Team

Fred Perrota has a team of nine remote employees that help him run Tortuga, a backpack brand that’s beloved by travelers and digital nomads. Today he’s weighing in on how he finds solid remote employees and how his entire business runs like a well-oiled machine. He also shares some of the biggest lessons he’s learned […]

Inside the private island resort on a South Pacific lagoon that’s on sale for $23 million

Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers The Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort in the Cook Islands is for sale. This slice of paradise comes at a cost, though, and is on the market for $23 million (£17 million). The luxury resort comes with 36 bungalows, restaurants, bars, pools, and a gym. There are 45 years left on […]

Bourdain’s most underrated travel destination

Anthony Bourdain says this city in France is one of the most underrated destinations. Read more:

How much it will cost you to live in 11 popular expat cities

Mo Wu/Shutterstock Many people dream of packing it all in and relocating to warmer climes or simply to discover a new city, culture, or language.  UBS has ranked global cities in terms of what it would cost expats to live there as a family for one month.  If you can’t quite afford the price tag […]

KAUAI, THE GARDEN ISLAND 4k – Jakob Owens Film

Official Jakob Owens Kauai, Hawaii Travel Film! Subscribe to TheBuffNerds: More Travel Films: Contact me at for any interest in purchasing this stoke footage. FOLLOW DRECTOR @JAKOBOWENS: »Instagram: @JakobOwens ( »Twitter: @JakobOwens ( »Email: People in video: @derekowensheart @Onlyfuturistic @@samwoozphotography @willcinematic Drone footage by @@samwoozphotography »CAMERA GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: Computer: MacBook […]

I Was Blessed To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time To Take These Pictures

October 4th, 2017 – Together with my travel companions Andree-Anne and Sabrina, we arrived late in the evening to our next location, Centre D’Attelage Équin-Star. I met the owners of this lovely place, Sébastien Boutin and Sophie Moore, last winter when I came to photograph their KWPNs for a first time. We had been following […]

TourRadar, the OTA for tour holidays, scores $50M Series C led by Silicon Valley’s TCV

TourRadar, the online travel agency (OTA) that targets the multi-day touring market, continues to be on a roll. The Vienna, Austria-headquartered company, which also has offices in Brisbane and Toronto, has raised $50 million in Series C funding. Consisting mostly of primary funding, the round is led by the Silicon Valley growth VC firm TCV, […]

This home-building robot can lay more than 1,000 bricks an hour — and construct a home quicker than a human

Fastbrick Robotics An Australian robotics company has created a robotic arm, called the Hadrian X, that can lay 1,000-plus bricks per hour. The company claims that the bot can complete the shell of a home in two days. By reducing the labor cost of masonry, the robot could disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar global construction market. A […]

How ‘stan’ went from rap lyric to mainstream slang

Are you a Little Monster? A Sheerio? A Belieber? How far will you take your love for Johnny Weir’s ice skating commentary? If you’ve ever had a deep-seated passion for someone—anyone!—in pop culture, you just might be a stan. But where did the word, a mashup of “stalker” and “fan,” come from? Twitter/@AnselElgort Let’s travel […]

Selina raises $95M to create a boutique travel lodging experience built around communities

If you’re looking to travel abroad — and especially if you’re looking to work while doing so — it might be tough to convince yourself you can find a cool boutique hotel that caters to a lot of different price points, as well as surround yourself with people that will help you feel like you […]

This Insta-Famous Pig Works Hard For The Likes

Meet Christopher, a potty-trained mini pig who loves Cheerios, lipstick, and sharing his life of adventure on Instagram. Adopted by Montreal couple Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay, the two-year-old pet pig accompanies them on their vacations and now has a legion of fans that follow his every move. Christopher the Ultimate Traveling Pig has 52.6k followers […]

Trump’s latest threat to Kim Jong Un reminds us all that we are a hair’s breadth from nuclear war

KCNA President Donald Trump issued a strange and threatening ultimatum to Kim Jong Un on Thursday. It was in response to North Korea complaining about US demands for them to denuclearize. Trump essentially compared North Korea to Libya, and told Kim that he could either denuclearize his country or face war with the US. North Korea […]

United is making sweeping changes to its pet policy and banning certain breeds of dogs from flying in the cargo hold (UAL)

Ricardo Arduengo / AP United Airlines announced a number of new restrictions for pets traveling in the cargo hold of its aircraft via its PetSafe program on Tuesday.  Starting June 18, the airline will only transport cats and dogs in its cargo holds, while banning dozens of breeds. The airline also said it will not accept […]

12 of the best podcasts to listen to while traveling this summer

Uber Images/Shutterstock Whether you’re road tripping, flying, or hanging around home, there are a number of great podcasts you can listen to this summer. If you love true crime stories, “Atlanta Monster” and “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark “should be next on your listen list. Fiction fans can check out “LeVar Burton Reads,” and […]

This Is How You’ll Meet Your Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Brooke Cagle Aries (March 21st to April 19th) You’ll meet your soulmate when you’re doing something super active. You’ll be trying a new kickboxing class at your local gym, or rock climbing a mountain you’ve never been to, and your soulmate will be someone there that you’d never expect to meet. They’re clearly open to […]

Airbnb quietly launches its own Stories for users to build video montages of their travels

The stories format has been one of the most sticky features of social apps like Snapchat and Instagram, letting users stitch together video, photo and text overlays to convey moods and experiences to friends and followers; even Google has incorporated stories into its services. Now Airbnb is becoming the latest adopter of the format: the […]

18 brilliant ways to save money on travel from people who do it all the time

Photo courtesy of Gloria Atanmo We all want to figure out how to take our dream vacations without spending a fortune. INSIDER spoke to seven people who travel constantly — and often make a living from it — to learn their best money-saving travel hacks. To travel as cheaply as possible, you need to be flexible, […]

What each state has Googled more than any other in 2017

2017 was an awful year by nearly all measures, a depressing assembly line of misery that produced one damn atrocity after another. Despite being battered by natural disasters and mass shootings, courageous Americans did muster the will to out dozens of powerful and sexually predatory men. Through it all, Americans tried to make sense of […]

The Best 2018 International Home Design Shows Open to the Public

Some of the best home design ideas are only available to industry experts. Trade fairs are conducted secretly and away from view from most of us. By the time we find out about the latest trend, it may be when it’s on the store shelves. But there’s good news! There are plenty of home design […]

6 Daily SEO Tactics You Aren’t Doing But Should Be

We all know that SEO is important for online marketing and organic traffic. After all, people conduct more than 3.5 billion searches every day just on Google. Not only that, but over 70% of clicks go to organic searches that rank on the first page of Google. Ranking on the first page of Google can be the deciding factor […]

There’s A Book Devoted To Coffee Lids

If there is an unsung hero for take-away coffee, it is the lid. This humble but ubiquitous piece of plastic is all that stands between you and a lap full of piping hot single origin washed Yirg. And let’s be honest, the disposable lid is probably going the way of the buffalo; with the current […]

TOLERANCE! Jason Alexander envisions NASTY fate for climate change heretic Scott Pruitt

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt committed climate change heresy when he had the gall — the gall! — to suggest that climate change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. EPA's Pruitt suggests global warming may not be a "bad thing" for humans — HuffPost (@HuffPost) February 8, 2018 A breathless Nick Visser writes at the HuffPost: […]

Southeast Asia-based mobile listings startup Carousell raises $85M

Carousell, the Singapore-based mobile listing service that operates across Southeast Asia, has pulled in an $85 million Series C fund as it seeks to strengthen its business among the region’s competitive e-commerce landscape before expanding globally. The round was co-led by existing investor Rakuten Ventures and EDBI, the corporate investment arm of Singapore’s Economic Development Board. Other […]

Chill out on the beach with this portable air conditioner

‘Coolala‘ is a portable solar-powered air conditioner that can cool you down in any environment. Read more… More about Mashable Video, Beach, Solar Energy, Summer Travel, and Camping Read more:

A Kentucky Derby jockey explains why changing horses is one of the hardest aspects of his job

Garry Jones/AP Hall of Fame and Kentucky Derby jockey Victor Espinoza said changing horses is one of the hardest parts of his job. Espinoza said it isn’t hard to adjust to new horses — it’s hard not to get attached to them and have to change at a moment’s notice. Espinoza said it only takes […]

The best hybrid smartwatches for men

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. The Insider Pick: A hybrid smartwatch should give you a traditional watch face, along with subtle notifications. The design should be so good that you don’t even notice it’s a […]

CNN10 – 12/05/17

Three stories involving the Trump Administration are featured today. They include debates over a U.S. embassy, a travel ban, and two national monuments in Utah. Read more:

You can now travel to a massive inflatable unicorn island because giant pool floats weren’t enough

Inflatable Island Just when we thought the unicorn trend was dead, giant pool floats and inflatable unicorn islands were brought to our attention.  There is a 40,000-square-foot floating playground in the Philippines called Inflatable Island.  For a $17 all-day pass, guests can play on a range of slides, towers, bridges, swings, and more.  Just when we […]


Hey! The 3 days in Venice were one of our best days in the whole 3 week trip. These are a little snippets of what you can eat do and see in venice. Hope you guys like it! Song: Oshóva – Summer’s Tides (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video […]