Private Jet Charter and Ownership Options

There is no doubt that private jets offer outstanding benefits to owners and guests. Using a business jet rather than commercial flights offers you an edge on the competition. Business jets allow you to work privately with your team while in the air as well as bringing you closer to your destination more quickly. You save valuable hours that can be used doing business or flying on to another destination.

Why Should You Charter A Private Jet?

Why Should You Charter A Private Jet?

The comfort and luxury of a private jet may be much more affordable than you’d initially imagine. Ownership doesn’t always mean buying a plane outright and there are even ways to arrange travel on a bizjet for less than a typical charter.

There is much more to private jet charter and ownership than buying a ticket, or even more exciting, buying a corporate jet. For many, taking on the cost and responsibility of an entire business jet is too cumbersome, which is why there are many alternatives to whole ownership including fractional ownership and outright ownership

When owning a private jet is out of your reach or simply not practical for your business, charter flights on private jet offer just as many rewards, but with only the costs of that charter. Unlike commercial flights which require ticket counters, security lines and advance check-in, you can arrange a private charter, arrive at the airport and walk on board your own plane with no hassles and no crowds.

Owning a plane gives you flexibility and convenience along with the associated costs of owning and maintaining a plane. By chartering flights on private jets, you’re able to optimize your own convenience but without paying for days the plane sits idle or in the shop. You pay only for what you need, and sometimes you can arrange that travel at a substantial discount.

Options for chartering a plane include:

Empty Leg Charter
Prepaid Charter
Group Charter
Private Jet Memberships