Hidden Business Gems for Every Entrepreneur

As a prospective buyer, some potentially lucrative business options are obvious. Hotels, restaurants and retail shops are always popular choices, but some of the best opportunities aren’t as well-known. Explore these hidden gem business opportunities that every entrepreneur should know about.

RV parks in Florida

RVs are synonymous with snowbirds, and Florida is booming with business opportunity in RV parks. Owning an RV park is insulated from economic fluctuations. In the midst of the 2008 recession, travelers continued to camp, and the number of campgrounds remained consistent, even while other businesses failed. It makes sense – the average RV vacation runs 23 percent to 59 percent cheaper than other types of vacations. RVs are a low-cost housing option as well, making them especially cost-effective during economic downturns. 

Not only can owning an RV park be a safe business choice, regardless of the economic climate, it’s more manageable as an owner than other real estate acquisitions. It’s one of the few landlord jobs that doesn’t require maintaining the properties themselves. RV maintenance and upkeep is the traveler’s sole responsibility, thereby minimizing your obligations as an owner. 

The usual concern with RV-park ownership is the seasonality of travelers. However, with Florida’s mild year-round climate, visitors can travel to Florida at any time throughout the year. With high renting interest, low economic risk, and low ownership responsibility, consider buying an RV park in Florida.

Colorado cabins

Everyone knows that Colorado has become a popular travel destination over the last few years. The state gained 77,000 residents in 2017, and  Denver alone welcomed 31.5 million visitors in 2016. With this uptick in travelers, there’s never been a better time to own property in Colorado, especially a property that can be rented to visitors or vacationing residents.

Between its 300-plus days of sunshine, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and charming mountain towns like Aspen, travelers are actively searching for rental cabin properties. Colorado visitors and vacationing residents are interested in spending their time in the middle of nature and in places where they can take advantage of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing and biking, and skiing, making cabin ownership a lucrative investment. 

Gas stations

In 2016, gasoline stations brought in $418.7 billion in the United States alone. The number, while certainly high, is not particularly surprising. Gas stations exist in practically every city and are a necessity for anyone with a car, which is 88 percent of households in the U.S. Due to the popularity of car ownership, gas stations have consistent consumer demand, making them a low-risk and profitable business investment anywhere in the country. 

Owning a gas station gives you flexibility when it comes to the type of business you want to own and the products you want to sell. Considering most gas stations have a convenience store or repair shop attached, you have the opportunity to sell items other than gas, expanding your product offerings. For a business investment with room for versatility, consider adding a gas station to your business portfolio.

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