Owning a Corporate Jet Outright

Outright ownership

The Important Considerations of Private Jet Outright Ownership

If you seem to spend most of your working hours on the road or in the air, outright ownership of a bizjet might be the ultimate solution.  Not only will you have a plane at your disposal anytime you need one, you’ll also be able to take advantage of tremendous tax benefits and be sure of positive impressions on clients.  Owning a private jet outright means that you or your company has paid for the plane and you are in control of all care, uptake and other aspects of that plane.

Private Jet

Why Should You Own A Personal Jet?

This means that you have no limitations on anything you’d like to do with your jet.  You can arrange seating and working accommodations any way that suits your needs and your plane can be ready within an hour or two should an emergency across the country or across the globe arise.  Owning your own corporate jet means you can plan intensive business trips with multiple stops in a single day without relying on a particular style of aircraft to be available when you need it.  Your private jet is always available for you.

The most pressing concern for many regarding owning a private jet outright is the very prohibitive cost.  Private planes are expensive to own and maintain. You must pay for the plane itself, its storage facility, its care, its fuel, and pay for the pilot as well. You might have a team of pilots on staff always on the ready or use independents or a flight company to supply your needs.  The high costs of a private aircraft do come with one advantage. There are tremendous tax savings you can benefit from thanks to the high cost of the business acquisition.