Prepaid Charter

Why Should You Charter A Personal Jet?

Prepaid Charter


Prepaid charter is the most common form of private jet chartering services. In prepaid charter, you arrange a flight, either one-way or round-trip, on a business jet and pay in advance – much like a commercial airline flight. Unlike commercial airlines, you have control over when the aircraft will fly. If you are the sole occupant, perhaps with your business team, the plane is yours for the duration. If you’ve reserved only a seat on a bizjet, the flight plans will not be as flexible. Regardless, when you charter a private jet, you’re arranging the most comfortable and luxurious method of travel.

Pre-paid jet charter is an excellent option for those who need flexibility, privacy and speed when traveling. Flying a on a chartered jet means you have less time lost in airport lines and terminals. You can arrange a flight on a private jet, then walk into the terminal at a wide range of airports, pass through brief security measures and be on your plane in minutes – not hours. The jet can land at one of thousands municipal airports putting you closer to your destination than you thought possible. When you charter a jet, you have the flexibility to travel when and where you’d like.

While you have flexibility over initial arrangements when using prepaid charter services, you do not have the flexibility of your own private jet. Others may be able to charter seats on the same flight meaning you might not have absolute privacy. Be sure to discuss this possibility with the charter company when arranging your flight.

You are also not able to change your plans at the last minute and expect the business jet charter company and pilot to have the same flexibility. Chartering a private jet gives you great initial flexibility and speed, but not as much as you would have owning your own private aircraft. Granted, if you don’t travel enough to need an aircraft of your own, prepaid charter is the best charter solution for many fliers.