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Empty leg flights are the empty sectors going to or returning from their destination. You can book them now on FlyPriva for up to 75% off the original price.

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Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure or health, booking a private jet charter your best option. FlyPriva offers access to various aircraft types for hire; very light jet, light jet, mid-size jet, super mid-size jet, heavy jets, airliners, air ambulance, helicopters and more.

Why Choose Private Jet Charters?
Flexibility – Hiring a private aircraft charter allows you to choose your departure date, time and location, without any restrictions.
VIP treatment – Don’t wait in lines for boarding or arrive 2 hours before the flight. With private jet charters you can drive up to your private jet runway 15 minutes before take-off.

FlyPriva Charter Flight Search
Simplicity – You will always get what you want, whether it’s an empty leg or private jet charter, quite easily and smoothly.
Diversity – You will always be able to select from a multiplicity of wonderful choices, from catering to private aircraft type.
Integrity – No intermediaries between you and the charter broker, no commissions either.

How Does It Work?
To enjoy the fabulous experience of a private jet charter on FlyPriva, all you need to do is:
1. Insert the details of the private jet flight you desire.
2. Select 3 brokerage companies to handle your request from a nominated list comprising charter brokers chosen according to the departure and arrival locations of your specific flight.
3. Insert your contact details.

How to get an empty leg with FlyPriva?
An Empty Leg is a sector of a flight going from one airport to another without any passengers. Enjoy luxurious flights now & travel onboard a private jet.

Would you like to travel onboard of a private jet for the same price as a Business-class ticket?