Private Jet Marketing Services – Wholesale Aviation Group

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Wholesale Aviation Group marketing approach is simple, we present your aircraft in the best platform to qualified buyers. We do this by analyzing the current market and using over six decades of aircraft expertise to get your aircraft advertised to people who want to buy it.

Our main goal at Wholesale Aviation Group is to focus on you and your aircraft. We utilize multiple sources to present your listing in the hands of qualified prospective buyers.

We are also able to target qualified customers worldwide. We have potential buyers from emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa.
When you market with us, We not only give you an edge in market placement but also help prospective buyers feel confident in purchasing your aircraft.
What this means for you is a better sales experience, performed expeditiously and hassle-free. We take the stress out of selling and guarantee that your aircraft will be sold with a focus on maximizing the asset’s value.