Private Jet Memberships


Charter a private jet for the ultimate luxury.

When you want the flexibility of owning your own private jet without taking on the costs of purchase and upkeep, private jet memberships offer you a level of service above standard charter without the high costs of individual or group ownership. Joining a private jet membership program gives you access to the group’s collection of private aircraft in exchange for an annual fee.

When you join a membership program, you’ll pay an initial deposit. This amount is credited to your membership account. You then have the option of any of the program’s jets when you need one. You can arrange travel on a jet in as little as ten hours and the cost of the flight is deducted from your account balance. If you travel a great deal during the year, you might also qualify for discounted rates making your membership dollars stretch even farther.

Membership programs offer you terrific flexibility when it comes to arranging travel. As part of a large program, you are not limited to a single plane; you are able to select your method of travel from an entire fleet of aircraft. This means you can use a light jet for a few short legs of travel one week and a large jet for international travel the next.

Membership programs have some restrictions on travel. While most programs make all planes available to all members for travel at anytime, you must give advance notice of your plans and still run the risk of needing alternative arrangements if your first choice plane is taken by another group member. Large programs, however, have many comparable jets to avoid this issue.

Jet memberships also have criteria for flight itineraries and the usage of the jets. To reserve a jet from the program you must give ten to forty-eight hours of notice making last minute trips or emergency flights out of the question.