Reasons to Have Your Own Private Jet – Grant Cardone

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Some people think I bought a jet for comfort and luxury. Those are the same people who spend their weekends off for comfort and luxury while I’m flying around the country closing deals. I’m not wasting time going through TSA, waiting for delayed flights or worrying if or when I can get a flight. I assure you I didn’t spend $20m on 10X Airlines for the comfort.

Those who have read my books and watched my videos know that I don’t make decisions based on what’s comfortable. What does it mean to take time out of the equation? You want to shorten time.The quicker you can do things the quicker you’ll be able to get ahead of the pack. You need to have a get-it-done-now mentality to get massively successful. Think about your life and all the good things you have. Don’t you wish every good thing happened sooner? My wife tells me she wishes we would have met sooner. Had we met sooner we would have begun enjoying a great marriage for a longer period of time. I had to persist for 13 months before convincing her to go out with me for our first date, but maybe I could have done more to shrink that down from 13 months to 6 months. Everything good should happen quicker. I bought my jet to compact time. I can be on the phone with a potential client and I can tell him, “I’ll be there tonight”. Having a jet doesn’t cost me money, not having a jet costs me money.

Show offs buy Lamborghinis, not planes.

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