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20 Largest Lakes in the World by Continent (For Your World Travel Bucket List)

Whether they’re man-made or all natural, lakes are generally among the most popular places for outdoor recreation. Lakes offer everything from swimming, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, and sailing to camping, hiking, and watching birds and other forms of wildlife. The largest lakes in the world– including the vast Great Lakes of North America– look more like oceans, with […]

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People assume trust-fund babies are spoiled 20-somethings born with silver spoons — but they’re not always who you think

Martin Hunter/Getty Images A trust fund is simply a fund that holds assets, like cash or investments, typically set up by a parent. Trust-fund babies, the recipients of that windfall, are often stereotyped as over-privileged, spoiled twenty-somethings with no responsibilities. While trust-fund babies may have the security of reliable income, some do not live lavishly […]

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CNN10 – 12/05/17

Three stories involving the Trump Administration are featured today. They include debates over a U.S. embassy, a travel ban, and two national monuments in Utah. Read more: rss.cnn.com

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