12 Amazing Places To Visit in Nepal

From mystic synagogues to wonderful elevation villages, “there dont” scarcity of beautiful locates to visit in Nepal. Lodged between the great batches of India and China, the little Himalayan nation may be small in comparison. Nonetheless, its stunning scenery challengers that in the larger countries. The country is home to some of the world’s highest […]

How To Travel The World For a Year On Just $5,000

Back in 2008 when we quit our jobs and started travelling full-time, we saved around $30,000 USD between us because we were able to sell a house, a car and our belongings. On top of that, we were able to work overtime and were lucky to have well paid jobs. But not everyone has the […]

50 Visa Free Countries For Travellers & Digital Nomads

This is the ultimate list of visa free countries for backpackers, travellers, digital nomads and remote workers. I’ve created this list because we know how frustrating visa research can be. You’ve chosen the perfect travel destination and started to plan and prepare for an epic trip. But, in many places in the world, you can’t […]