How ‘stan’ went from rap lyric to mainstream slang

Are you a Little Monster? A Sheerio? A Belieber? How far will you take your love for Johnny Weir’s ice skating commentary? If you’ve ever had a deep-seated passion for someone—anyone!—in pop culture, you just might be a stan. But where did the word, a mashup of “stalker” and “fan,” come from? Twitter/@AnselElgort Let’s travel […]

Racist, sexually explicit content tweeted from Buffalo Wild Wings account

The Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account was compromised Friday evening, leading to a series of tweets posted from the account spouting racist and sexually explicit content. Following the tweets’ removal, a Buffalo Wild Wings spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Dot that the account was hacked and said the company is seeking action against the hacker(s). […]

What each state has Googled more than any other in 2017

2017 was an awful year by nearly all measures, a depressing assembly line of misery that produced one damn atrocity after another. Despite being battered by natural disasters and mass shootings, courageous Americans did muster the will to out dozens of powerful and sexually predatory men. Through it all, Americans tried to make sense of […]