Advantages of Private Jet Hire

Advantages of Private Jet Rental

Private jet charter offers numerous benefits to those traveling for either business or pleasure. Whether you’re in a rush to an important meeting or you’re simply arranging a large family trip, a private jet rental is an excellent way to go.


With private jet hire, you’re able to select your own airport. And with smaller aircraft, the options expand dramatically as to which airports are available to use. Skip crowded airports far from your actual destination and arrive only minutes away at a municipal or other small airports. Many private jet hire companies can also arrange ground transportation saving you the trouble of renting a car or finding alternative transportation to your actual destination.


As you are traveling with your own party, a corporate jet does not require hours of security checks and the uncertainty of not knowing others on your plane. The flight crews of all private jet charters are also highly trained and accountable. FAA Part 135 ensures all aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot licensure. To provide the best service possible, private jet charters meet or exceed Part 135 requirements.


Much of the time spent at airports and in the air is wasted. You can spend hours working your way through security check points and waiting on delayed flights at the terminal. Even on the ground you may find yourself stuck in a plane waiting on a runway to clear or a gate to become available. Private jets are able to skip most, if not all, of these delays saving you precious time and corresponding dollars.


Even in first class, there is no true privacy on a commercial jet liner. But on a jet charter, your project team can prepare presentations or discuss important deals without the risk of being overheard. Sit back in comfortable chairs that face each other over a table and use the time you’re in the air constructively.


If you’re traveling with a large group, private jet charter may be surprisingly affordable. By renting a private jet, you can bring along as many friends or colleagues as will fit in the aircraft, and use the time on board to visit, work or just rest comfortably – something unheard of on a traditional flight.