Tiger Woods is staying on his $20 million yacht in the Hamptons during the US Open — here’s where his boat ranks among the biggest celebrity yachts

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Tiger Woods’ $20 million luxury yacht, Privacy, was seen docked in the Hamptons, where it’s staying during the US Open golf tournament.
At 155 feet, Privacy is slightly longer than the 151-foot tall Statue of Liberty.
While Privacy is bigger than the luxury yachts owned by other celebrities, it has nothing on Steve Jobs’ or Paul Allen’s yachts.

Spotted: Tiger Woods’ $20 million, 155-foot yacht, Privacy, docked in the Hamptons. And it plans to stay there during the US Open, one of the biggest golf tournaments, Woods told press at a pre-tournament USGA event. 

According to Woods, staying on board during the competition provides a respite from the “tournament scene” and reduces traffic chaos en route to the competition.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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SEE ALSO: Tiger Woods has reportedly docked his $20 million, 155-foot yacht in the Hamptons — and he apparently plans to stay there during the US Open

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