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» About : For those who have sometimes believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast, add one more.VistaJet, which offers private jet flights to well-heeled clients, on Friday launched a new service offering Alice In Wonderland tea parties in-flight for the children of the one percent.The parties, along with other kids packages with spy or movie star themes, start at $4,000, plus the minimum hourly fee of $12,000 to charter one of VistaJet’s planes, according to Bloomberg. The company collaborated with London-based children’s party impresarios Sharky & George on the program, marketed as Adventures In The Sky. VistaJet , which offers private jet flights to well-heeled clients, on Friday launched a new service offering Alice In Wonderland tea parties in-flight, as seen in this promotional image  One of the Sharky & George performers who hosts the high-flying tea parties is seen above RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next ‘We’re not racist, it’s just a prison tattoo’: UFC star… Murder of high-profile psychiatrist who consulted on the… Share this article Share ‘Once on-board, boys and girls can get into costume and will be guided through the Alice in Wonderland story by one of our trained entertainers,’ the description on VistaJet’s website reads.’For the duration of their flight, children will have the chance to play games and try themed crafts and activities tailored to their age and interests. ‘From hosting their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, through to flamingo croquet with hedgehogs as balls, and the Contrariwise game, where everything is done back-to-front and the wrong way around.’Another package, Movies In The Sky, gives children the Hollywood treatment, filming movie scenes in front of a green screen during the flight. The service includes sweet treats for a whimsical tea party, as seen in this promotional image Kids can also work on Alice In Wonderland-themed crafts and games during the flight VistaJet has a fleet of 72 ultra-long range Bombardier Global and Challenger business jets The service transforms the chic business jet cabins (above) into whimsical play spacesThe third package, The Secret Mission, takes kids through ‘a Kingsman-inspired training program’ led by a ‘sharply dressed in-flight spy chief’ before sending them on a mission to foil a criminal plot.The packages are only available to VistaJet’s subscription members, who often use the service to jet out of town with their families. Matteo Atti, executive vice president for marketing and innovation at VistaJet, told Bloomberg that a quarter of the company’s flights have children on board.’We saw the opportunity to build something incredibly special for our younger passengers,’ he said.’If you can trust us with your family, you can trust us with anything,’ said Atti.