World’s Top 10 Beaches that are Known for Some Unique Reasons

Top Unique Beaches in the World

Hold your breather and gear up with your phone cameras, dslr, gopro or hum to as we’re going to take you on a virtual safarus to some outlandish coasts in this macrocosm whatever it is you get to witness pink beach, bioluminescent planktons, bowling balls, violet beach, and even vanishing ocean. Be urged! You’re Instagram is going to explode with likes and comments.

For me, Beaches are always excellent location for anniversaries, and if that beach is known for some strange intellect then it becomes even more breathtaking to explore. With the prodigious pull of sand, azure liquid, towering trees, tranquil milieu, vacationing at the beach is always as enjoyable as it chimes and it becomes more enthralling when that beach is known for some eccentric peculiarity. Hence, now I am presenting some unique beaches from round countries around the world which is capable of literally give you a wholly different celebration event and can replenish your Instagram with those timeless memories.

Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Australia: An Abode to Millions of Shells

Shell Beach

Shell Beach in Western Australia is where you witness strange the actions of the visitors as they bend down to collect the cockle eggshells which can be found here in abundance. One of two seas in countries around the world that are entirely covered with husks, Shell Beach is comfortably set on the isthmus within Shark Bay- a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a fact, the amount of the cockle shell at the sea is so great-in-extent that they have formed a special kind of limestone, coquina, which is used for the construction of many structures in Denham.

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Hidden Beach Playa del Amor

Imagine vacationing on trade secrets coast comprising of a wide-open pit in the surface with a profuse sun, subtlety, and turquoise sea on the effervescent lettuce Marieta Island.

Located in the west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Hidden Beach or Playa del Amor is said to be an outcome of constant rocket experimenting by the Mexican Government in the early 1900 s. Now, you must be wondering how one gets to this unique sea. Invisible from outside, this beaut beach has long ocean passages, spanning through which( exclusively by kayaking or swimming ), one gets the inside access to this fascinating region. Reverberates interesting? Well, wait till you get there!

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Pink Sand Beach

Breaking the stereotype of Bahamas, i.e ., imagination recourses and casinoes that string the strange seas of Nassau and Paradise Island, there is this target for unexploited natural elegance located on the Harbour Island, honoured as Pink Sand Beach. As the call suggest, now lies a long strain of pink beach and azure irrigate which make this target a must see end for all the vacationers, specially the honeymooners. The warm, appease and gentle irrigate brandishes of the ocean persists model for swimming throughout the year, and thus, you are able to discern a health number of tourists as well as regionals chilling in the surreal halo of this popular hurtle destination.

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Bowling Ball Beach California

Owing to the monstrous spherical stone bowling balls inlaying at the seashore, the tropical grace of Bowling Ball Beach is perfect to expend a beach trip in California. Pulling a great number of sightseers, these stones are the outcome of geographical phenomena, concretion and erosion, and are good to say at low tide. Being an integrated part of Schooner Gulch State Beach, Bowling Ball Beach is located at the edge of Pacific Ocean.

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Vanishing Beach India

This one is the most strange and unique beach amongst all! Have you ever thought of strolling leisurely on the beach and that extremely 3 miles away from the shoreside( extremely when you’re not worried about poising yourself in between the ebb tides )? I know, it clangs foolhardy! Well, looks just like you I was in the same countenance when I first been hearing this plaza in India. Vanishing Beach or locally known as Chandipur Beach is few of Asia’s top seas getaways for an impeccable trip. Based in near Balasore Village, Odisha, Vanishing Beach musters a good deal of hype amongst tourists because of its inscrutable peculiarity. This beautiful sea in India completes your soul with once in a lifetime opportunity of strolling on the coast as the irrigate of the atlantic provinces fades practically 5 km away from the shore, literally! This unusual thing happens during the ebb tide and the spray abides there until a high tide comes and navigate the irrigate back to the sea boundary. Vanishing Beach is also counted amongst the best genealogy coasts in Asia.

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Vaadhoo Beach

How many times have you dreamed of spending a romantic night with your mate for the purposes of the sky at the coast? And by quoting dreamy night, I am not here saying about the dinner date. Well, hold the line! You can have the dinner date, but this is not what makes a night nostalgic in Maldives. It’s the graceful elegance of bioluminescent planktons during the night which proffers a excellent dreamy trip in Maldives. You can’t do anything but to gaze upon the blush of the radiating bright blue planktons on the surf. Maldives is the place which must be on your inventory of places to hasten in the world.

Note: Islands that are model to find bioluminescent seas in Maldives are: Fihalhohi, Athuruga, Kuredu, Veligandu, Vandhoo, Komandoo, Mirihi, Vilamendhoo, Kuramathi, Kandolhu, Filitheyo, Angaga, Meedhupparu, and Ellaidhoo.

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Giant's Causeway

It suggest that Giant’s Causeway was developed some 50 million years ago as an outcome of a volcano outburst. Today, “its by” made up more than 40,000 immense basalt columns popping out of the sea. The one of a kind sea in Europe has many narratives and epics associated with it, and thus, the most famous one- the piece are the residue of Finn MacCool’s causeway, held its figure. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an international tourist destination and is a perfect escape for unforgettable sea holidays.

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Purple Sand Beach

An exquisite and worth a inspecting getaway in California is the Purple Sand Beach, popularly known as Pfeiffer Beach. Awaits to astound you with its fascinating violet sand, the Pfeiffer Beach is amongst the best coasts in the US for a family vacation. However, this mesmerizing beach is best to visit after some downpour when the hypnotize purple quality of the sand grows even more prominent.

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Palm Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Move over Thailand and Mauritius for a sea trip, it’s is now time to make way for new entrants that are worthy fairly the stardom and UAE is a prominent likelihood.

UAE in all aspects gives you an opportunity to vacation like -Alisters and now it has world’s largest artificial man-made island in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, for a plush suffer. Yielded the form of a palm tree, this enthralling beach in UAE is dotted with a number of lavish useds and inns, amusement and leisure with the access to beach and Arabian Shore. Each of the fronds of the Palm Island has its own beach together with over 1700 villas. Protected by the Crescent of 11 km backwater, this pulling island proffers all the luxury( shopping center, inn complex, and a irrigate and aquarium theme park) to tourists for the purposes of an indelible festivity experience.

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Scala Dei Turchi

Apart from its authentic cuisine, Italy is also known for its various strange destinations for their own families or honeymooners. Coasts in Italy are the great exemplar of grace at its best, and thus, amongst the top coasts in Europe for a nostalgic trip. Scala Dei Turchi in Sicily is the only beach in the whole world that have a rocky face forgetting the atlantic provinces right on the shore, with the gleamy grey staircase. From the upper part of the cliff, a surreal goal of the azure ocean, returning a great praise to the pulchritudinous views of sunup and sundown, awaiting to astound you. After a refreshing dive now, be a bather to soak up the sunshine on the cliff.

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Undoubtedly, in every corner of the world, there is a sea which is popular for some strange reason, and thus, falling in the category of unique beaches in countries around the world. With the fact of unable to cover all, above I have mentioned those which according to me are unique. On that tone, I am signing off with a Sayonara, do make us know if you liked this blog and which other beach can be added in this list. Too, if you are planning a holiday in India, Southeast Asia or Dubai, present us a chance to be your roam marriage. We furnish some of the best customized international trip parcels and that very at world prices that will not burn a opening in your pocket. So book with the americans and experience general holidays of a lifetime.

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